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Enquiries & bookings 24/7:
01865 370739 or 020 7223 6179

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequent questions we get asked. If your question isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I choose Capital Air Services?
Operating for over 25 years, Capital Air Services has built a fine reputation for delivering an impeccable first class service to every passenger and owner.
How much does it cost to hire a helicopter?
The cost of our helicopter charter service depends on the type of helicopter, where you want to fly from and to and whether your flight will be during the day or the night. The best way to find out the cost of your flight is to contact us for a bespoke, no obligation quotation.
Helicopter or private jet?
Helicopters are able to access areas that jets simply cannot,they are able to land in remote areas, yachts and relatively restricted spaces.
Can the helicopter land anywhere?
Within reason, a helicopter can land anywhere, provided we have the permission of the land owner and the site is suitable. If you do not have a suitable spot, our operations team is highly experienced in locating a nearby site and getting the necessary permissions.
Can we fly at night?
If you choose to fly with Capital Air Services you can.
For a public transport flight at night the helicopter must have two engines and be fitted with an autopilot. In addition the crew must be suitably qualified. All of Capital Air Services helicopters and crew meet these criteria.
Can we fly in bad weather?
Yes, Capital Air Services helicopters are equipped and our crews are qualified for instrument flight rules (IFR). This means we can fly without visual reference to the ground and the pilot uses the flight instruments. However, if the landing site is not at an airfield equipped with instrument landing aids then the pilot does have to be able to see the ground.
How far can we travel?
There is no limit, but if your journey is to take longer than about three helicopter flight hours then we would recommend private jet, both for reasons of speed and economy. Talk to our operations team and they will be happy to provide the best solution for your journey.
Is it safe?
Safety is Capital Air Services’ first priority. All crews undertake a continuous training programme throughout the year. The helicopters are on a maintenance programme of checks which includes a daily pre-flight check and regular inspections.
Are the helicopters insured and do I need insurance?
You do not need any additional insurance to fly in one of our helicopters. They are covered by extensive aircraft and public liability insurance.
Can I speak to the pilot?
Of course. There is a headphone and microphone for every seat and the pilot will be more than happy to provide a running commentary or answer any questions you may have. Some of our passengers like to talk to the pilot, others enjoy the flight in silence. The choice is yours.
Can I take a camera?
Yes, a helicopter flight with Capital Air Services is the perfect opportunity to grab some fantastic bird’s eye view photographs.
Are there any age / other restrictions?
There is no age limit and we can provide extension lap straps for holding a baby and also child seats.
For passengers own safety there are some conditions for which we may require a letter from your GP, things like epilepsy or severe heart conditions. Pregnant women should also check with their GP especially during the first or third trimester.
The only other restriction is that the seat belt must be able to fasten around the passenger as that is a legal requirement.
Can I take my dog?
Yes, provided the animal is well behaved and can sit on the floor of the cabin or in a pet carrier. If travelling outside the UK then the animal must be part of the UK Pet Passport scheme.
What happens if the flight is cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons that are not my fault?
There are occasions when the weather forecast determines that we can’t fly. There may be other very rare occasions when for unforeseen circumstances we cannot fly. Please note we only cancel flights in the interest of safety. Another date can be arranged or your money refunded.
What happens if I have to cancel the flight?
Our cancellation terms and conditions are contained in the charter agreement you sign when organising your flight. We do try to be open-minded and fair when it comes to our cancellation policy and fees.
Can I fly the helicopter?
We are sorry but the answer is no because the helicopter is being used on a commercial flight. If you are keen, there are many flight training companies that can offer lessons.
What is an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)?
This is a licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) allowing the holder to fly helicopters for remuneration. Without this certificate, it is illegal to fly paying passengers when undertaking Commercial Air Transport (CAT) work.
Capital Air Services’ AOC is GB2049.
Buying a helicopter?
If you are thinking of doing so we are experienced in helping to buy and manage helicopters and would be happy to offer you our help and advice.
How much does it cost to buy a helicopter?
As with so many things, there is a lot of choice when it comes to buying a helicopter. You will need to consider what size helicopter you need and what you will use it for, as well as your budget. You can buy a pre-owned single engine VFR helicopter for as little as £85k and you can also purchase a new state of the art helicopter for upwards of £10m. We would be happy to guide you through the purchasing process and suggest the best helicopter for you.